Sine Education has been providing English conversation programs to government secondary schools in Greater Bangkok, as well as Thailand’s Central and Northeast regions, since 2010. By 2019 they had expanded to more than 40 schools.

Not only do they provide Thai schools an English academic curriculum, they also hire native English-speaking teachers and provide them with classroom and housing support.

What SINE Education provides

Some consideration when choosing SINE:

1. Paid training is offered through their Sine program
This means you begin earning money even before you land your first teaching job.

2. You don’t need a TEFL to apply
It’s worth noting that a TEFL is not a requirement to teach in Thailand, despite what some companies will lead you to believe. Sine Education doesn’t insist on a TEFL.

3. Provision of all teaching lessons and materials.
Sine provides all teaching lessons and materials, meaning less work needs to be done preparing lessons outside of your teaching hours. Important for a very busy academic timetable!

4. Lesson plans provided
All lesson plans are provided by SINE. This means you can concentrate on the teaching and less on the planning .

5. Multimedia equipment also provided
SINE provide full multimedia to aid teaching in most classrooms and schools.

6. Ten-month contracts.
This gives you two months to take time off and to travel during your internship. Of course, you need to bear in mind, you will not be paid for these two months, unless through private tutoring.

7. A starting salary of 33,000 baht per month, plus Greater Bangkok allowances.
Sine Education also offer small salary increments after teachers have completed one and two year periods with them. There are other benefits, including health insurance, paid leave/sick leave, end-of-contract bonus, and extra payments for covering classes.

8. Fluent English speaking teachers
Sine Education works with schools which insist on teachers with native English accents.

9. Paid work permit
SINE sponsor your work permit to enable you to teach.